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April 29, 2017
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  Endorsement Vote Email Oct. 3, 2013
  Kathy Taylor to Speak Email (Oct. 1, 2013)
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  President Ballenger's Email to Members 1-6-13
  Note from The President 1-30-2013
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  Facts on "Leaked" Internal Promotional Process Document
  BOD Report 060414
  Hearing Notice
  BOD Report 121813
  Holiday hours clarifications
  Grieved over Grievances?
  Kendra Miller Appeal
  FOP and City/Department Policies
  BOD Report 071713
  BOD Report 061814
  BOD Report 070214
  BOD Report 020514
  Discipline History 3/13/2012
  Holiday OT Part 2
  Holiday OT Issue Resolved
  BOD Report 080713
  BOD Report 021914
  BOD Report 082113
  BOD Report 090413
  BOD Report 030514
  BOD Report 091813
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  BOD Report 100213
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  BOD Report 041614
  BOD Report 101613
  Police vs Fire Fight Night
  BOD Report 110613
  Police Cash Retirement Fund AKA “The Endowment Fund”
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  Ballistic Shields
  Citation Cheat Sheets
  Big Guys and Little Cars
  Off Duty Employment Forms
  New Ford Explores and how they are assigned.
  Green Uniforms
  New Cars at the Radio Shop
  Body Armor Replacements
  Approved Off-Duty Weapons
  Cool Max Shirt
  Officers and Concealed Carry Permits
  Jerseys This Summer
  Cpl. in Air Support
  New Patrol Cars
  Issues with 911 Dispatch
  Crime Types on MDTs
  Adult Detention Center (ADC)
  When will officers get a raise?
  Is the Department going to create and utilize a Discipline Matrix?
  When will more Patrol Rifle Schools be conducted?
  Do you support Tasers in the field?
  Can problems with the last shift change be fixed?
  What's going on with 12 hour shifts?
  Is there a new push to combine TPD and TCSO into a Metro Police Department?
  When are we going to have a promotional test?
  When will the internal investigations regarding the corruption investigations be concluded?
  What is happening toward correcting the problems with the U1 computers??
  When will new ballistic vests be distributed?
  Do we work wrecks on private property?
  What is being done to ease the burden created by EDP transports?
  What is your opinion about external load bearing ballistic vest carriers?
  What is happening with the 40 hour block of training?
  Take-Home Cars For Staff
  Personal Tasers
  Mounted Patrol
  How long will it be until the 2011 cars are distributed?
  Laid Off Time and Eligibility for Promotion
  Black & White Patrol Cars
  4WD SUV's Question
  Laid Off Time and Promotion Eligibility
  Non-Patrol Sworn Personnel Doing a Field Rotation
  "Acting Corporals"
  Green Uniforms
  Cages for Patrol Cars
  A note from Gary Neece
  Reaching Out is an Option
  Discount tickets for Silver Dollar City
  Chaplain's Corner
  Prayer Requests
  UPDATE: The Year in Review
  Transitions - Non Retirements
  Birth Announcements
  Transitions - Retirements
  Fallen Officer Memories
  Fallen Officer Memory Form
  Insurance Information
  Legal Defense
  Legal Defense Plan Attorney List
  Legal Defense Claim Form
  Military Leave Problem
  Defined Benefit Vs. Defined Contribution
  Fidelity Brokerage Link
  Pension Update 7/17/14
  April Pension Course Registration Open
  Pension Funding Update 9-17-14
  Deferred Comp Update 11/21/15
  Pension Update 11/21/15
  Pension/Deferred Comp Update 05/20/15
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